Quantum random number generators (QRNG)

Random numbers have essential roles in many fields, e.g. cryptography, stochastic simulations and lottery games. All these systems rely on the unpredictability of random numbers, which generally cannot be guaranteed in classical processes.

Quantum random numbers generators (QRNGs) rely on quantum systems to produce sequences of random numbers with an overall lower level of predictability than classical algorithmic systems.

Over the past two decades, phase randomizations of coherent sources from quantum spontaneous emission effects have gained a lot of interest due to their operational simplicity, cost‑contained components, and ability to generate random numbers at high rates.

Single‑photon detector arrays

Single‑photon detector arrays (SPDAs) are already being utilised by our and other research teams and communities for "photon‑starved" applications such as; single‑photon LIDAR, bioluminescence imaging, optical communications, and astronomy.

The Single‑Photon Group, with collaborators at the University of Edinburgh and beyond, are leading the way in demonstrating the many benefits of utilising SPDAs for quantum communications.

Our future work seeks to explore further uses for SPDAs in free‑space quantum communications.