Experimental realisations

Quantum mechanics is well‑known for its counter intuitive and sometime bizarre nature. Researchers have always strived to test the fundamental nature of quantum mechanics through experimental realisation to either prove or disprove an idea.

Applying the ideas of quantum mechanics to information leads many interesting ways to do information transfer and even secure communications.

Quantum devices

Quantum devices are the essential components required to perform quantum communications, such as quantum random number generators, single‑photon sources, single, photon detectors, or quantum clocks.

Continuous research in quantum technologies has enabled the development of devices that are highly performant, can be fully integrated with current infrastructures and can outperform classical devices in many commercial applications.

Our goal is to push our knowledge and expertise on such technologies even further and pioneer exciting new research.

Free-space and satellite

Free‑space channels are essential network links that enable a highly reconfigurable and adaptable network. Free‑space links can be easier and less costly to set up, which has a range of benefits for service and applications.

Utilising satellite platforms and free‑space links is seen as the quickest and lowest cost way to create a truly global quantum network. In addition, those links can also be used to reach extremely remote locations, where optical fibre or terrestrial free‑space links cannot feasibly connect to.