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Mr Songmao Chen

Mr Songmao Chen

Songmao Chen is from Xi'an, China. He received his Bachelor degree of Engineering, with a major in Artificial Intelligence and Technology, from XiDian University in 2014. Then, in the same year, he began to study at the Chinese Academy of Science as a postgraduate. From 2016, he has been working towards a PhD at the Chinese Academy of Science while also working as a research associate at Heriot‑Watt University on single‑photon imaging.

Songmao has experience in signal and information processing, including image recovery. His expertise covers image deblurring, image quality assessment, image reconstruction, and advanced algorithms. Now he is focusing on single‑photon image processing.

While at the Chinese Academy of Science, he was a student welfare officer in the Xi'an Institute of Optics and Precision Mechanics and sought to ensure a welcoming environment for students within the structures of the university.

Outside of work, his interests include hiking, travelling, music, history, and calligraphy.