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Dr Ross J. Donaldson

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Telephone: +44 (0)131 451 8120

Dr Ross J. Donaldson

Ross Donaldson is from Perth, Scotland. He graduated with a BSc in Engineering Physics from Heriot‑Watt University in 2012.

During his time as an Undergraduate, Ross undertook two summer research placements at the University. His first was funded by the Nuffield Foundation, where he designed a vacuum system for the Ultrafast Dynamics Group. His second placement saw his investigating polarisation‑based quantum communications.

Following his Undergraduate degree, he started his PhD in 2012 with the Single‑Photon Group at Heriot-Watt University. His research topic was quantum communication technology, something he had become intrigued about during his second summer research placement. During his PhD he worked on experimental demonstrations for two quantum communication technologies; quantum digital signatures, and quantum state comparison amplification. In 2016, he defended his Thesis title: Quantum‑Security in Optical Fibre Networks.

After his PhD, Ross took on his first role as a post‑doctoral research associate (PDRA), where he developed an experiment to improve the state comparison amplifier through quantum state correction with a measurement and feed‑forward mechanism. His second role as a PDRA saw him move into free‑space quantum communications, where he investigated the novel single‑photon detector technology for free-space/satellite‑based applications.

Ross is now a Research Fellow funded by the Royal Academy of Engineering. During the Fellowship, Ross will investigate novel photonic technology to enable practical optical ground stations for satellite‑based quantum communications.

Ross has research interests in quantum technology, optical and photonic technology, and space/satellite technology. He is a member of the Institute of Physics (IOP).